[AD]ProjectMusic {GMS/Custom|300/50/4|No Lag|Dedicated !

Hacking Maple Story

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[AD]ProjectMusic {GMS/Custom|300/50/4|No Lag|Dedicated !

Postby auronxdead » Sun Oct 17, 2010 5:51 am

ProjectMusic - Where MAPLE MEETS MUSIC ~!

Rates: 300x EXP / 50x Mesos / 4x Drop !


~> v83
~> Dedicated 24/7
~> 6 Channels
~> Dedicated Staff members
~> Constantly Updated weekly
~> Donation System
~> Player Commands
~> NX System (100 NX credits drop from monsters, randomly)
~> Custom PQ's
~> Custom Occupations (See below)
~> ProjectMusic Jobs
~> Maple Leaf System (See below)


~> Custom PQs which give you Coins, which can be used for custom Quests and/or items and more.
~> Daily Events!
~> Great new-growing Economy!
~> 100% Rings work!
~> Custom rebirths (Advantages to Rebirth'ing, get Occupation jobs, higher exp rate/more item and etc)!
~> Guilds/Alliances fully working!
~> ProjectMusic Bank!
~> GodlyLeaf NPC (Golden Maple Leaf System)!
~> 2x Mesos and 2x EXP both working!
~> Custom ProjectMusic Occupations! You can get player advantages through these jobs!
~> NPCs located in FM/Henesys for easy access!
~> Custom statted items!
~> Skill Teacher! Comes with a price to pay, to keep you at work :D.
~> Hairstyling NPC for free!
~> ProjectMusic Bot [tells you everything you need to know to play ProjectMusic]
~> Custom Starter pack (Help you to start ProjectMusic :D
~> Vote For Rewards!
~> Custom Maps for easier game-play!
~> Custom Gachapon!
~> 10%, 30%, 60%, 70% and 100% scroll sellers (2 in Henesys)
~> Custom Maple Leaf Trader
~> Kerning PQ
~> Custom boss spawn times
~> Trade warps you to FM
~> Lots of custom commands

[ProjectMusic Player Commands]
@spinel - Opens up our World Tour Map Warper NPC.
@dispose - If you can't talk to an NPC, try using this command.
@str/@dex/@int/@luk - Adds stats faster than the old fashioned way.
@reborn/rebirth - Opens a guide on how to Reborn in ProjectMusic!
@gm <message> - Sends a message to the GM's online.
@maxskills - Opens the NPC which will teach you the skills for 100k.
@checkme - Checks your Rebirths, Vote Points, and your current Occupation.
@connected - Show's who's online in ProjectMusic in your channel.
@music - Opens up our multi-purpose NPC.
@joinevent - Sends you to the event that's in progress if there is one!
@occupation - Opens the Occupations NPC!
@goto <map name> - Warps you to a map in a very quick fashion!
@clearinv all/equip/etc/setup/cash/use - It clears the items in an inventory slot of your choice.
@reportafk [Player Name] - Lets you report if someone is AFK or not so it will put the AFK message above their heads.
@goafk - Lets everyone know you are AFK by placing an AFK message above your head.
@back - If you were/are in a/an AFK state, use this to remove the AFK message above your head.
@cleardrops - Clears the drops on your map.
@expfix - Fixes your Negative Exp.
@antiks - It will prevent other players stealing your monsters.

Rules :

3.) Report all Hackers you will be rewarded.
4.) Don't bug the GMs, if they're busy they have the right to mute you if you're being annoying.
5.) No flaming others
6.) Rules can change at any time so listen carefully to know if something you're doing is bannable.
7.) Have fun! :]

Join us today!

Website :
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