missing something here with this...

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missing something here with this...

Postby 2deep » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:46 pm

Hi think I might be missing something here
I am working on making an app to watch health and then auto-pot in the online game Sword of the new world. I am mostly using MHS to find addressed and then will use readprocessmemory in delphi 2009 to access and compute offsets to get at the memory values.

I have found a good deal of the addresses there, and can seem to find "total health" but "current health" I am having an issue with.

Here is the problem, please let me know if I am doing something boneheaded..

I find the address pretty easy for the current health (DMA address)
it is: 1F1E8F8C

Now, I have gone through this quite a few times and hit the debugger to see what writes/accesses 1F1E8F8C

I always find the following two static addresses:
accesses and writes to char1 current hp (1F1E8F8C), these are static pointers
Code: Select all
0041D1F1   89BE D4010000   MOV     DWORD PTR [ESI+1D4], EDI   2   
0041BDB2    8986 D4010000   MOV     DWORD PTR [ESI+1D4], EAX   3

In this example (1F1E8F8C) they hold the following:
Code: Select all
current val of 0041D1F1 is 01D4BE89
current val of 0041BDB2 is 01D48689

seems easy.. but 01D4BE89 and 01D48689 are both unobtainable addresses. A pointer search for 1F1E8F8C returns nothing and I have searched the entire space.

Now, I have gone through a ton of variations of taking the values of those two points and trying to determine how they are mapped to 1F1E8F8C (the temp address in this example). I read through the pointer stuff in the help file, and based on that tried to add 1D4, tried subtracting 1D4, tried with an offset of 00400000, I tried all kinds of ways to go from 1F1E8F8C to one of those pointer addresses.

I have a feeling I am just missing something simple here, or perhaps there is some flag or checkbox I am missing?

Thanks ahead of time for anyone who has ideas or has experience with this game.

edit: just realized this should be in the 'help' section the MHS help and not the script help.. probably move it
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Postby 2deep » Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:34 am

this link
fixed my issue..

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