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harvest moon

PostPosted: Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:50 pm
by nasrulkiki
harvest moon friend of mineral town

the link for download is below

can i know how to hack this game,
i just did hack money and the result is successful,

but other than money i didn't managed to hack,
like adding exp. for the tools
adding the love for harvest sprite

im using both software
CE and MHS

hope someone can help with tutorial

Re: harvest moon

PostPosted: Sun Jun 13, 2010 4:47 pm
by seponett
tools modifier.
1. put your sickle in tools bag in the first box.
2. start a scan with '0' with 1 byte size.
3. now replace your sickle with hoe and start a next scan with '8'.
4. you'll get the address (the address is freeze with '8').
5. 0 for sickle, 01 for copper sickle, 02 for silver sickle, 03 for gold sickle, 04 for mystrile sickle, 05 for cursed sickle, 06 for blessed sickle, 07 for mythic sickle, and 08 for hoe, 09... (find it yourself).

item modifier.
1. start scan with '171' 1 byte size.
2. buy a bread and...
3. now scan it for '64' (bread's id)
4. you'll get the address and it's freeze 64.
5. 0 for turnip, 01 for potato, 02 for cucumber, 03... i'm lazy...

affection modifier.
1. start scan with '0' 1 byte.
2. grab some honey on your tree, and give to your lover.
3. and the next scan is '1' (every honey that you gave will add '1' of 255, it's mean you must give her 255 times...)

ahh... for the harvest sprite you need to give them a relaxation tea, they love this things, its id is 145.