Best way to learn coding, hacking...

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Best way to learn coding, hacking...

Postby wolf » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:02 am

At which sides can I be totally sure that I will really learn how to write programs...Is this forum good enough or should I learn it somewhere else? And whats important to learn? Example given: What should I know to hack a simple game like pinball or sth. else?
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Re: Best way to learn coding, hacking...

Postby L. Spiro » Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:21 am

I would rather tackle one issue at a time.
Which do you plan to learn first? Hacking or programming?

Hacking: There are plenty of tutorials on this site and on others on the basics of hacking Pinball, Minesweeper, etc.
You can also check

Coding: There are people here who have some skills in coding and could answer your questions.
I myself:
#1: Wrote MHS from scratch.
#2: Am a published author related to coding in C++.
#3: Have taught C++ and game programming at a university overseas.
#4: Have worked for Eidos, Atari, Lucas Arts, Ubisoft, Konami, Vivendi Universal, and some others, typically as the lead/senior programmer.
#5: Am currently the CTO (head of technology) for a game company in Japan.

I may be able to answer any questions you have regarding C++/coding in general, but that does not mean I have the time (or willingness) to do so; I don’t do one-on-one because everything I say falls on the ears of only one person. If I wanted to teach, I would go to a classroom where those same words would benefit 30 people at once, making my words 30 times more valuable.

This site is mainly for help with MHS, and to a lesser degree hacking in general.
I don’t think a free site exists where people will just teach random others how to code, but if you are looking for free resources, has a few coders near my level. Otherwise an online school can be used, if you are willing to pay.

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