Windows 7 Problems.

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Windows 7 Problems.

Postby Modify » Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:27 am

Okay, im here again since google failed me. a few days ago i downloaded this program so that i could login to my computer with a flash drive without having to remember a password. and after creating a long password and soon forgot it thinking id just be able to use my usb to log in, I found out that it was just a trial, so i changed my password back to something short and tried to uninstall the program so i wouldn't get too attached. But for some reason this only deleted the info off the flash drive. and the stupid program takes off the text entering of my password, so i can just get in with the flash drive. So I go into system restore and restore my files from a few days ago. But oh shit, Then i had the insane password and the program and no way to get on my computer. I finally managed to hack my way on using another operating system, but now my user profiles don't show up when I start my computer, so i can't log on unless im in safe mode. I know this is a long complicated post, but if anyone can think of what went wrong(probably alot). Let me know please :)

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