"Modify Self" in MHS

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"Modify Self" in MHS

Postby Felheart » Mon May 17, 2010 7:46 pm

Hello L.
I'm currently trying to add the "modify self" feature of your MHS to a programm that I have made my self.
But i really don't know where to start. How is your self modifying code made?
Do you include binary patterns into your final programm and then search for them at runtime and replace the codes.
And how do you change the size of your programm dynamically?
Do you have another pattern section at the end, and append to it if needed??

I hope you can explain this process a bit more in detail.
I'd love to see my own cheat being able to evade simple CRC or signature scanners(yes, i know i need to "patch" every function for it to work :) )

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