[HELP] - GameGuard Related

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[HELP] - GameGuard Related

Postby SztringzS » Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:01 am

Okay heres my problem. I'm not going to post an article to impress peoples eyes and make you waste 2 minutes reading it. When I open any type of game that runs a high Rev(Revision) of GameGuard, my Computer just locks up beyond doing anything. CTRL+ALT+DEL=nothing alt+tab=nothing.. nothing on my whole keyboard works, not even pressing caps lock the light doesn't glow up, sleep mode also doesn't work. it shows a black screen and I cant move my mouse at all. I run on Windows XP Professional. My Drivers are all up to date to the latest versions and I have over 300 GB of memory free, my RAM is in good shape too. So the problem...?

BTW: If I remove GameGuard from the game then it loads fine... and some games with GameGuard I can delete the whole registry folder while the game is loading and it works then... but most still fail. and no its not a registry error. but some games are harder to remove there anti-hack.
Kind of ironic huh? Cracking a patcher. Maybe if I get some free time, I'll patch this patcher and then make a patcher with this patcher to patch your patcher!

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