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Click in minimized window

Postby omnia » Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:59 am


Im trying to create a bot that can click in minimized windows so that you can use the computer for anything you want whilst the bot plays the game for you.

There are several approaches to this, I'm making my bot in C#.

Thing is that I want mine to work in the background not disturbing the computer user.

First I tried to check with spy++ to see all WINDOWS_MESSAGES. There were none!!!!! So next thing was to try with Winspector, VOILA!!!

A bunch of messages!
I wrote every message down, and I mimicked the application I used(sendMessage AND postMessage --> USER32.DLL), all i managed to do was to click in a place where i left the cursor and the ALT +TAB back to my app.
I read that those didn't work any good at all.

So next process was to use ATTACHTHREADINPUT and then SENDINPUT. I got I to work but only when the applicaiton has focus(which is what sendinput does, send input to the window with focus).

The game I'm trying to BOT is World of tanks, and all other games. This app has no buttons just an app window.

So should I use raw input? Ff so there no info on how to send raw input only how to register and recieve anyone got a working SEND raw input example?
Or should I try to use a mouse hook? Is that even possible in and how do it override WND_PROC?
Could I try check app memory to write clicks there, I have never worked with memory that way, just changing hexadecimals back int the days when playing xcom.
Has anyone done this? Id really like to see some code on, and NOT the NOTEPAD example as a DIRECTX application is far more complicated.
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Re: Click in minimized window

Postby L. Spiro » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:29 am

Windows must be active in order to send input to them. The best you can do is to call the message-handler directly with code injection and trick it into handling WM_* input messages. Otherwise the Windows message dispatcher will filter out input commands sent to inactive windows.

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