Wolfteam is getting more and more retarded by the day

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Wolfteam is getting more and more retarded by the day

Postby qjqqyy » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:12 am

i last played wolfteam with hacks way back in march
without hacks: february
still had 1k++ cash left inside i think
softnyx wolfteam btw
aeriagames is a joke

now i checked, they have stupid stuff like extra characters
the wolfcoin thing is getting more retarded
even more useless tattoos, the dragon tattoo is still the best i think.
u can buy sets with wolfcoins, exclusive to wolfcoins wtf
then they cost a damn lot of money.
the whole wolfcoin idea is a joke
some revamped UI it is

aeriagames is a joke with their overefficient ban system that banned me, a false positive
softnyx won't ban people who spend cash on it so...
either u spend cash, massive hack, and get away with it or u hack and get banned now
anyway getting banned from a shitty game is okay, i got banned from modern warfare 2

anyway now i hate aeriagames, shitty name, shitty design of their shitty web site and their shitty ban system that ban nice people like me and their shitty lack of creativity and that they have to buy the game form softnyxx and their shitty kind of attitude when i asked for an unban
the list goes on

now i am out of games
mw2 is a joke like CoD3
combat arms is blocking all IP addresses from Singapore
the golden age of wolfteam is already past
get over it, it sucks now
(I'm not trying battlefield, just don't like the interface and all)
edit: sorry for the random rants, i'm just being random
keep it this way
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