Wolfteam Commentary 2 - Getting There

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Wolfteam Commentary 2 - Getting There

Postby MrFarbodD » Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:05 am

Hi, guys it's me MrFarbodD and i am here with my second wolfteam commentary. I really hope that it is better than my first commentary because like the first commentary i put alot of effort into it and i tried to make it better. I did used the suggestions you guys provided me and i tried to use them to improvent that you guys suggested so it is better. Again please give me feedback and please stay tuned for more because i release a video every saturday. Thanks for watching and reading this.

I'm still working on my montage that i am going to be releasing. I have collected alot of effects and i im still collecting some more and i will be putting it all together soon.

Link to my second commentary:

Wolfteam Commentary 2 - Getting There

I hope you guys like this one better because like i said before i put hard work into this. Again please leave me some feedback so i can make my commentaries more better. Please subscribe, favourite, like and stay tuned because i release a commentary every saturday.

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