COMBAT ARMS Working Bypass (Works with Gordon 1.2.4) Hacks

Hacking Combat Arms

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COMBAT ARMS Working Bypass (Works with Gordon 1.2.4) Hacks

Postby narasakue » Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:02 am

This is a working bypass I leeched from M P G H
Credits: M P G H
Sorry for the Video Quality in gameplay, it's the best Cam Studio can do!

Please remember if this doesn't work for you or disconnects you, try a couple more times or change the time you inject and be patient. Took me a few times to make video.
Different injecting methods work for different people.



1. Open Perx, set process to "Engine.exe" , browse for dll "MPGH².dll" and set to Auto Injection.
2. Start Game
3. Now start any hack and it should work (Not working 100% though), sometimes it may D/C using some chams or Gordons hacks,
but keep trying and it could work for awhile

Either inject the hack while bypass is injecting or inject a hack while your in game.


Downloads and Virus Scans

Most are false positives or packed with Themida to prevent editing/cracking (Harmless)

MPGH Bypass Download Link:
MPGH Bypass Virus Scan:

If first bypass doesn't work, maybe this will (Might).
2nd Bypass Download Link:
2nd Bypass Virus Scan:

Gordon 1.2.4 Download Link:
Gordon 1.2.4 Virus Scan:

Perx Injector Download Link:
Perx Injector Virus Scan:

Download Link for Window Mode: Download CA-WinMode.rar for free on
Virus Scan for Window Mode: Virustotal. MD5: 2bbad07bd5ce0a4709c133fb25965840

There you go.
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