[LEECH]WarRock Hacks

Hacking War Rock

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[LEECH]WarRock Hacks

Postby WhiteNova » Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:58 am


Antivirus Programs:
Some antivirus programs tend to find the hack as a virus, this is normal as this hack edits Warrock's memory.. Please bare in mind that this is NOT a virus.

How To Use Room Master:
To use Room Master go to a waiting room and press F12, this will immediately make you the new room master.

How To Keep The Hack Undetected:
To keep the hack undetected, PLEASE! change the name of the hack every 2 days or so. If you don't change it the hack will be detected (Only for you ofcourse).

1. Download the hack and extract the TWO files inside the ZIP to ONE folder( You can use Winzip).
2. Make sure warrock is not running.
3. Open "GNWH131.exe".
4. Click "OK" for the massage box that appears.
5. Open Warrock go to a room and use the hotkeys to use the hacks.

Superjump: Left Ctrl
Shotgun(Winchester): No. 6
Smoke Grenade: No. 7
Adrenaline: No. 8
Dig: Letter X
Scope: Mouse Right Button
Full Bright ON: Page Up
Full Bright OFF: Page Down
Room Master: F12
Null Gravity Jump: END Key

Gold Premium
No Water
No Bounds
No Recoil
Unlimited Stamina
Fast Ammo,Repair,Flag,Health
Quick Spawn
No Spread
Full Bright/Fire Graffiti
Room Master
Admin Mode/GM Spectate
Null Gravity Jump
Unlock 5th Slot

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?vlvmdl2zw9m
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Postby ~Muh » Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:24 am

virus -.-
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