What happened to MHS

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What happened to MHS

Postby ihavenone » Fri Dec 18, 2009 5:02 pm

ive just been gone for like... 5 months or so and this place is mostly noobs requesting for hacks -.-
have all the original people here gone to the private section? lol is the new mhs working?
Give that man a bypass he uses it an gets patched. Teach the man to MAKE bypass they can make it 4 life!Image
mezzo wrote:1) Use the "search" function at the top of your screen.
People don't like to answer a question 100 times over.
Check to see if it wasn't answered before.

2) If you make a new thread, give it a topic that means something.
"read this", "click here", "?" are NOT good topics.

3) Please post in the relevant section of the forum. If it's game related, post it
in the subsection for that game. If there is no section for that game, post it in the online or offline section.

4) The tutorial section is a place to post tutorials, NOT for requesting them.

5) Making crap posts for the sake of increasing your post count is frowned upon.
You're not making yourself popular by doing so, so please don't.

6) Don't beg for stuff, it gets old real fast.
(people have been banned for this)

7) Signatures are sweet, but try to keep them nice and tidy :-)
Nobody wants to see a 1920x1200 screenshot below a one line post..

8) The private section is just that. It is private. Trusted people that have
contributed and released things will get invited.
L.Spiro will change your access should you be allowed.
Read the info here.
(at this point read 5 and 6 again, DON'T BEG!)

9) Don't post warez !! Seriously !

10) Listen to L.Spiro, he's lord and master.

Enjoy your stay !!
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