{Release} APT trainer

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{Release} APT trainer

Postby HyackDragon » Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:13 am

This hacks got more than willibh (autowin, ss use and no wind)


1) Abres the APT Trainer GLS GIS
2) will leave a window with an advertising .. She click and then leaving in the second .. (2 closed the windows that open Internet)
3) In Das Click ">>> Continue <<"
4) Choose your GB
5) Marks the Hacks to Use ...
6) Your Abres Gb .. Te logo and ready .. already be using Hack ..


BONUS: You win a round of 1 / 1 to around 4500 MAXIMUM 5000 gold.

CRAZY GP: Many Gps Ganas (80 to 100 in 3 / 3 or 2 / 2).

AUTOWIN: You win at the start of the round. (Off For update problems .. "have risen 4 addresses the Addres .. no longer equals no AUTOWIN .. .. hurts to expect the UK being upgraded again if aver Back y.. .. The sack. .. "

Power User: All In the Salon have Power User (Very useful for use with other hacks).

GOD mode: do not die.

HIT KO: The damage caused is very big result for (your opponent dies) "Very useful for use with Hack-CRAZY GP."

NO WIND: There is no air in the game (Perfect Weather).

SSNurf: SS Strips All shifts (Shot 1 and 2 is SS) "the hack was turned off by technical problems ..

Swear: You can say smoothness "Groserias" (This already comes automatically added)

Download --- http://www.ziddu.com/downloadfile/20577 ... S.rar.html

Notes (Bug's):

1) BONUS: Do not Use HIT KO BONUS (disconnected) also play more than 1 / 1 Bonus Use Only God Mode.

2) CRAZY GP: Usenlo in 3 / 3 Power User HIT KO and win 80 to 100 GP's .. (Try entering many Cafe's bonus to his room) and earn from 80 to 100 GP's)
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