[Release] willibh hacks

Hacking GunBound

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[Release] willibh hacks

Postby HyackDragon » Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:08 am

autowin has been removed.

1) Extract and run the application (GBWC2807.exe).
2) Select your server.
3) Tick the hack(s) you wish to use.
4) Open Launcher and log on to your Gunbound.
5) Create a room and have fun hacking.

Basically the same as the previous trainer. You have to be Room Master to get these hacks works.

Godmode - This is working fine and it doesnt matter if you combine it with other hacks. You will see no damage deal to you when opponent attacks you.

1 Hit KO - This is working fine. Basically you can activate this hack to get 3000 damage bonus. Best to combine with GP's hack to get higher GP in a game BUT DO NOT combine it with Gold hack (I'll explain why later).

GP's - This is working good. Basically what the hack does is Clone GP (maybe add some extra GP too, not really sure). Best to combine it with 1 Hit KO since activating 1 Hit KO enable you to get 3000 damage bonus. Work best in 2 vs 2 game. It does work in 3 vs 3 game too with over 40+ or 50+ GP per game (not sure if you will get disconnected or not after
each game).
Yeah of course, I get disconnected after that. Gold hack works best in 1 v 1 game (recommended).

MUST READ : You can only choose either GP's or Gold in one time. You may combine it with 1 Hit KO or God Mode though. Just that GP's and Gold cannot be used in the same time.

enjoy hacking
credits > willibh

download- http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=33bc ... b9a8902bda
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