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Hacking GunBound

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gb hacks

Postby HyackDragon » Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:20 pm
It's virus free!!
1) Extract and run the application (GBWC2507.exe).
2) Tick the hack(s) you wish to use.
3) Open Launcher and log on to your Gunbound.
4) Create a room and have fun hacking.

Basically the same as the previous trainer. You have to be Room Master to get these hacks works.

Godmode - This is working fine and it doesnt matter if you combine it with other hacks. You will see no damage deal to you when opponent attacks you.

1 Hit KO - This is working fine. Basically you can activate this hack to get 3000 damage bonus. Best to combine with GP's hack to get higher GP in a game BUT DO NOT combine it with Gold hack (I'll explain why later).

GP's - This is working good. Basically what the hack does is Clone GP (maybe add some extra GP too, not really sure). Best to combine it with 1 Hit KO since activating 1 Hit KO enable you to get 3000 damage bonus. Work best in 2 vs 2 game. It does work in 3 vs 3 game too with over 40+ or 50+ GP per game (not sure if you will get disconnected or not after
each game).
Yeah of course, I get disconnected after that. Gold hack works best in 1 v 1 game (recommended).

MUST READ : You can only choose either GP's or Gold in one time. You may combine it with 1 Hit KO or God Mode though. Just that GP's and Gold cannot be used in the same time.

enjoy hacking
thx willibh
:) :D
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