And thought might be a very big misunderstanding.

Hacking Legend of Ares

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And thought might be a very big misunderstanding.

Postby omnipsp » Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:08 pm

And thought might be a very big misunderstanding.

1. I am not the subject of hacking.

2. Several times to explain, but the account that I paid all the public and distributors in Korea, because the identity is very high risk of hacking.
(However, in accordance with the difference paid account, but if KSSN is to secure the correct individuals can set the password.)

3. ID hack so far identified kyj35714, kyj35715, kyj35716, kyj35717 / dnaksehd2000 / cic2859 is such.

In which case cic2859 KSSN was not determined whether the accuracy of your information has been sent to the user.

In addition, kyj35717 KSSN case has confirmed the accuracy of your personal information, and further reserves the right to modify has been paid.

kyj35714, kyj35715, kyj35716 illegal in the van who was using the program by the operator status.

During the current investigation of dnaksehd2000, with a further account that has been the victim of hacking and are subject to have more.

Finally, I just need to remind me tell you something.

ImNEXT? If you prove me innocent, I hope.

I fold it before the game (ImNEXT) was paid to the 30 million daric.

And to acquire additional high level of security for your account ID will be paid by screening.

Will you tell me ...
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Re: And thought might be a very big misunderstanding.

Postby Lordrizo » Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:45 pm

My account "cic2859" just lots all it's money and equiped items.

If you can change the password, or get me the info, let me know.
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