Garena Universal Maphack 8 for DOTA-Garena

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Garena Universal Maphack 8 for DOTA-Garena

Postby kmarius » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:42 pm

Garena Universal Maphack 8.0

This is the last version of Garena Universal Maphack that was released on 04.08.2010 by Garenahack-er.

GUMH v8 is one of the most simple maphack to use and it's also very efficient.

GUMH v8 has features like:
- Reveal units map
- Reveal units minimap
- Remove fog map
- Remove fog minimap
- Clickable units
- Show resources
- Show invisible units
- Click Invisible
- Show runes/items
- Show illusions
- Show skills
- Show cooldowns
- Enable trade
- All hero icons
- Enemy HP bars
- Ally HP bars
- Camera distance hack

This is the update version of GUMH to support the new blizzard patch v1.24e. The GUMH v8.0 supports the following:

* 1.20e, 1.21, 1.23, 1.24b ,1.24c, 1.24d and 1.24e

This works ONLY with Garena. Avoid using it with other Garena cracks (like protection removers, dll unloaders, cracked versions etc) or it will get detected.

Virus Total Scan: ... 1283613878

Download link:

How to use?
1. Extract the files to any folder
2. Start GUMH using the .exe file.
3. Click "Start Garena Universal Maphack" button
4. Now start Garena, and after joining a room launch War3 from Garena
5. Enjoy.

For more hacks for DOTA and Garena u can visit:

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