Hacking Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

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Postby bono » Fri Oct 06, 2006 5:52 am

Thank you to listen to me m8, yes i seach a bypass if it possible,I seek a help concerning new anticheat black hawk down, a bypass, a proof( injector and file DLL ) or other program who functions and which is not detected by argus 1.2o.
which makes it possible to see of another color enemy (red, yellow chams).
My argus 1.2o (anticheat) is installed.

I inject my file on the injector but it does not go, it says hacked demaged but direct X detected)because this new anticheat 1.2o ,new and last update detect files DLL(D3D hack)
I think or the injector is too old, I cannot how make?.
solution with this problem ? you can help me?
can you find a means of diverting this anticheat and of finding a means of making it pass with a hack or program?

site de l'anticheat http://www.kazo-xxl.org/acp/index.php

you have time to look at this anticheat many people puts the question is it impossible to have a bypass???
the person, I think which find is an intelligent super guy.(closet)
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Postby SunBeam » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:50 am

Old or not, Argus is dead. Might be revived into another shape, but it's still easily bypassable :D
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