Xlive (GFWL) Memory Integrity Check Bypass

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Re: Xlive (GFWL) Memory Integrity Check Bypass

Postby [Psych] » Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:55 am

Yeah, you all got the wrong end of the stick entirely. This bypasses the memory checks. If you actually sit down to this game and start making alterations to game CODE it sweeps for changes (speaking very simply there). This prevents it crashing due to these sweeps. It has NOTHING to do with attaching a debugger which is what you are trying to correct me on :P Fairly old convo now, and i've sort of fell off the face of the earth as of late, but I just happened upon this thread again and felt I needed to clarify. Cheers :)

Also, your fixes for attaching a debugger don't work at all. Bypassing IsDebuggerPresent doesn't cut the mustard with Xlive i'm afraid. Try it a bit more. You certainly can't debug properly using this method (not even in kernelmode). Just so you know.
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