[Release]Simple tag exploit for BF2/2142

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[Release]Simple tag exploit for BF2/2142

Postby AlaXul » Sat Sep 09, 2006 7:20 pm

I think it's time to reveal one of the greatest expoits and bugs in BF2 and now also in 2142. Some time ago Drunken Cheetah released his sticky tags for BF2. Unfortunately due to his release, this method got detected by PB, and will most likely result in 0 min harmless kick for corrupt memorey/file. Nothing more. Despite being detected with BF2, works fine with B2142, but will most likely get detected soon. Despite being detected, it's safe to try this online, and you will not get banned.

As soon as enemy is seen on screen, he's nametag will appear and become "sticky". It won't disappear until map change.

BF2 screen
BF2 screen
BF2142 screen

And this is how to do it

Add following lines in your Battlefield 2 or 2142\Profiles\0001\profile.con.

NameTags.MaxEnemyDistance 9999
NameTags.EnemyTagFadeInTime 0.00000001
NameTags.EnemyTagFadeOutTime 9999
NameTags.EnemyTagDelayTime 0.0000001
NameTags.EnemyDotLimit 0.0000001

After saving, make profile.con read-only (thanks to ihatepb for picture), so they won't disappear after restart. And feel free to experiment with values, it's been long time since I used this so I don't remember the results on my experiments anymore, but tose work pretty fine too.

The funniest thing is, that this has been around since demo, and nobody ever released it. I've had a lot fun with it, because it's reliable, easy and "not a real hack". And yes, it's really that simple and has been since demo.

Oh and feel free do spread and copy this to wherever you want to.

EDIT 1.4 seems to have made some changes. Tags no longer follow players after death, but otherwise it works and doesn't seem to be scanned anymore. I repeat, not detected in 1.4. This is not 100%, but I could play several hours without a single kick. In 2142 beta this still works as usual.

Credits: tester_007 on MPC
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