Hacking Any Unreal Tournament Game

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Postby WolFUnborn » Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:32 am

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Project  :CreeperBot2k4   

Version  :1.0 Final...

Coder    :CreeperKill aka [DD]Man0War........

Credits  :Ass2in, Cyffler,HelioS,Grief,SpunX,STFU,Lamer, and to everyone else who
helped me thus far.. It's been a fun month, thats for sure ^_^

Site     :

Passes   :All antiTCC and UTsecure servers atm..

1. I included XInterface.u.....

2. Extract it to your system folder...

3. Open up your UT2004.ini and copy this


4. Heres the bot commands:

CkActive          Activates Bot
CkAdmin           Admin Disc. On/off
CkAutoAim         Autoaim on/off
CKAutoFire        Autofire on/off
CkRadar           Radar on/off
CkAllAim          Aillaim on/off
CkWallhack        Wallhack on/off
CkTrigg           Triggerbot on/off
CkPing            Ping on/off
CkSkin            Skins on/off
CkBone            Boneaim on/off
Ck2DRadar         Radar on/off
CkSpawn           Spawn on/off
CkWarning         Warning on/off
CkNoFog           NoFog on/off
CkBullet          Bullet on/off
CkInvisible       Invisible on/off
CkRearView        RearCam on/off

5.. Im kinda done with UT atm.. Im moving on to Cs... Have Fun...

6. Delete your old XInterface.u and insert the Textures, Classes, and the BAT file in your UT2004 folder... Then run the
bat and ull have a new shiny XInterface.u... Use HelioS security plug ins to bypass... ^_^
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